Art Day @ Rochdale Toddler & Baby Group

Another art day was held at the Rochdale baby and toddler group nursery. The parents/guardians had the opportunity to get involved with there child’s art day. It was all exiting for not only the child but the parents!

A unique insight into the day to day activities helped at the Rochdale nurseries but also to see what kind of learning environment there children’s have. The kids were super exited to start playing creating there art. All the kids wanted there crayons and colouring books not to mention pieces of paper to draw some unique art work.

Kids start early these days and many choose to draw there families. Beautiful pictures of there mums, dads and other siblings. Helped along by there parents there made colourful drawings of there families with drawings in the background of the family homes.

The most sought after drawing tool was the paints of course. The kids loved to get there hands dirty using the water based paints. It gave them a chance to create wonderfully bright drawings to show off there young talents. The parents/guardians also loved the opportunity to get involved with there child’s newly found creativity in a secure environment. We think the parents also loved the fact hat they wouldn’t have to clear up after there children! That’s always a bonus.

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