Sandpit Time @ Rochdale Day Care

Sandpit time is always welcomed at our Rochdale nurseries. The weather was nice. The sun was out and it was the perfect time to create some unique sand castles. The creative insight in some of the youngest children is unbelievable. They built so many beautiful looking houses; or should we say castles.

Although many of the toddlers were simply enjoying the fact they could fill up there buckets with sand and quickly construct a castle to simply demolish it. Its so cute to see toddlers with creative ‘genius’ hiding inside them and at the same time have a childish trait to them.

Sand pit time also gave the kids time to bring the toys outside and simply play in the sand with them. The ‘woody’ toy story toy seemed by far the most popular of them all. Woody wanted to simply ‘dive dive dive’. The kids loved the opportunity to have some outdoor playtime in the sand.

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