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Welcome to the Toddler, Baby and Childrens Nursery Daycare in Castleton

The best nurseries in Castleton provide nursery child care for babies, toddlers and pre-school children in the Rochdale metropolitan area. We have a combination of over twenty years of nursery and child care experience is provided by the best nurseries in Rochdale. Our nurseries are considered the best baby toddler child day care nursery centres in Castleton.

Our nursery and child care centre is located in Castleton; in buildings that provide brilliant secure protection and great learning environments for child day care. All of the team are qualified child care and baby toddler teachers who live in and around the Castleton area. All of them have a passion for providing excellent child care services to babies, toddler and pre-school children.

The Castleton Child Day care Nursery objectives.

We recognise that whilst in the care of our Castleton nursery, we are preparing your child for later learning. Every toddler develops his/her own unique way of learning. Our qualified staff encourage them to ask questions and explore which helps develop confidence at an early stage. Castleton day care nursery activities are planned in advance using different resources that will encourage development of social skills, independence and above all confidence. At our Castleton day care centre we aim to creatively interact with the children, helping them to extend there own language skills, thinking skills and helping them to better understand the world, in a safe, loving and secure environment.

Your Baby and Toddler at Castleton Nursery Centre

In the Castleton day care nursery we follow the government set EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) guidelines; these identify three prime areas of learning – Communication and Language, Personal, Physical Development and Social and Emotional Development. Our Castleton day care nursery also provides four Specific Areas of Learning. This includes Literacy, Mathematics, Arts and Design. These prime learning areas are applied by an enthusiastic and child friendly toddler nursery team; hand selected to provide the best possible child care in Castleton for your toddler, baby and pre-school children.

Castleton Nursery Team Training and Development

We have the best staff with skills and talents who work at our Castleton child and day care nursery. We always maintain a balance of experienced and qualified staff together with experienced nursery assistants and trainees to provide a diverse learning environment. The Castleton nursery team are chosen for their caring skills and their ability to interact with babies and young children. In our Castleton nursery we place a huge emphasis on the continuous training and development of all our team; assistants, trainers and qualified staff. This is in turn is reflected in the quality of child care and the expertise of the staff delivering the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). Castleton nursery staff are CRB (criminal records bureau) checked and also hold First Aid certificates, as well as many other relevant qualifications.

Book Early for a place at a Castleton Nursery

We welcome new fathers, mothers and guardians to our Castleton nurseries. Just remember to book early to avoid disappointment as top Castleton day care centres for toddlers, babies and children are in high demand.

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The best Castleton nursery that provides superb protection and early learning environments for your baby. Promotes confidence and core skills at an early age.
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Prime areas of learning – Communication, Personal, Physical Development and Social Development for your toddler in a Castleton day care centre.
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The top childcare nurseries in Castleton to develop your child’s learning according to the standards set-out by the governments EYFS official guidance.

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